Welcome to the Amite County Sheriff web page. Here you will find information about our office and descriptions of our duties, plus our office address, telephone numbers, and email address. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of service to you.

Tim Wroten

PO Box 208
Liberty MS 39645-0208
Phone: 601-657-8057
Email: amiteso@yahoo.com
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Duties and Responsibilities

The sheriff is an elected official of the county serving a 4 year term. He is the top law enforcement officer of the county. His responsibilities include supervision of deputies, jailers and dispatchers. The sheriff is responsible for having his officers investigate complaints, patrol the county roads, serve process papers and execute warrants, maintain order in the courtrooms, investigate fires, transport inmates and mental commitments to court and/or doctor appointments, supervise inmates for litter pick up and numerous other duties. He also supervises the jailers who are responsible for supervision of inmates, trusties and mental commitments. The jailers maintain booking information, collect money for fines and bonds, oversee outdoor exercise periods, arrange for doctor’s appointments, administer medication and distribute meals to inmates, monitor jail visitors and camera security systems, and generally maintain order in the jail facility. They also conduct cell searches for drugs and other prohibited items. The jailer is also responsible for maintaining the jail facility and having all components of the building in working order. The sheriff supervises the dispatchers who are responsible for maintaining contact with officers by radio as they are on calls, running driver’s licenses and vehicle tags for officers, maintaining radio logs of daily activities, dispatching officers to crime scenes, accidents, fires and other necessary investigations. These same dispatchers are responsible for answering emergency 911 calls and transferring them to the ambulance or other jurisdictions if necessary. The jailers and the dispatchers are on duty 24/7. The sheriff is also responsible for the daily administration of the department and maintaining records of any bonds, fees or fines collected, process served and budget allocations. He maintains an annual budget for both the general department also for custody of prisoners. The sheriff of Amite County currently supervises approximately 25 employees.

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